Functional and aesthetic solutions that help beautify the city. Including: Curbs, Sidewalks, Planters, Road Resurfacing & Repairs, and Lane Extensions.
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Curbs are constructed from concrete and can be used for various purposes and levels of aesthetic appeal: barrier/straight curbs outline grass/path areas and protect boulevards from vehicles; curb-and-gutter curbs allow for proper drainage toward sewers. Whatever your needs, we can create, repair, or replace curbs to municipal code.

Sidewalks are a safe path for pedestrians to travel at the side of a road, paved with concrete or temporary asphalt. We can create them straight or curved to suit the requirements of the city/town. We also install blind plates at intersections for obligatory pedestrian safety.

Planters are a visually-appealing option for ‘softening’ the look of municipal spaces- typically alongside or between paved roadways. The walls retain soil, plants, and flowers within the box, and may be constructed from interlock, concrete, or pre-cast concrete blocks.

As vehicles and inclement weather wear down roadways over time, road repairs are inevitable. Our services include route-and-seal (crack-filling), man hole/sewer adjustments for safety, and painting road markings. When the subgrade is still intact, but resurfacing is required, we lay high-quality asphalt to improve the driving surfaces and safety of the roadways, while extending the road’s life cycle. We also excavate and pave lane extensions, and mill damaged asphalt as necessary.