High-quality hardscape and landscape installations and repairs. Including: Parking Lots, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Planter Walls, and Ramps.
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Give your customers/clients and employees a clear and dedicated area to leave their vehicle while they visit your property. We pave parking lots of all sizes. Our services include line painting and repairs/patches, and we coordinate with licensed electricians to create light standards where necessary.

Constructed with concrete, asphalt, interlock, or a combination of these materials, walkways and paths create straight or curved access to storefronts, buildings, and parking lots. Whether you require a new walkway or need an existing one repaired or replaced, we can construct a suitable solution for your business that may also add an attractive touch to your property.

Retaining walls can be constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, to change the grade of your commercial property, or to retain aggregate. They may be built from wood, concrete, or pre-cast concrete blocks. Blocks may allow for more creativity as they can be purchased in many different colours and styles.

Planter walls are a visually-appealing option for ‘softening’ the look of your commercial property. The walls retain soil, plants, and flowers within the box, and may be constructed from interlock, concrete, or pre-cast concrete blocks.

Make your property safe and accessible to everyone with sloped-to-code ramps, which can be constructed from concrete, asphalt, or interlock. We also coordinate the addition of safety railings to help you complete your project.